IMHA Referral form

Who is this service for?
Independent Mental Health Advocates (IMHAs) work with people who are defined as ‘qualifying patients’ under the Mental Health Act (1983). This includes people who are:

  • Detained for compulsory treatment under the Mental Health Act (sometimes known as someone ‘on a section’). Not including short term holds.
  • Subject to a Community Treatment Order (CTO) or Guardianship
  • A conditionally discharged restricted patient (CDRP)
  • ‘Informal’ patients on a mental health ward who are either:
    (a) Being considered for treatment to which Section 57 applies. (e.g. neurosurgery for mental disorder, surgical implantation of hormones to decrease male sex drive), or
    (b) Under 18 and being considered for electro-convulsive therapy or any other treatment to which Section 58a applies.

Who can refer?

·        Anyone can refer a ‘qualifying patient’ for IMHA. At Gaddum we work with anyone in a Manchester hospital or resident in Manchester. Mental health staff have a duty to ensure everyone eligible can access IMHA services


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Details of person being referred
Address and postcode at time of referral (if different from home address)
Accessibility Information
Client Demographic Information
Risk assessment
Qualifying criteria
By completing this form you agree to Gaddum keeping this information stored on a secure electronic case recording system, computer, and paper filing system. You confirm you are providing this information and asking for this referral in the client’s best interests. You are confirming wherein the client has capacity to do so, you have sought consent for this referral.