CAA Referral form

Eligibility Criteria Check List 

The Local Authority must arrange an independent advocate to facilitate the involvement of a person in their assessments, preparation and review of their care and support plans and through safeguarding adult enquires and reviews under the Care Act 2014 if they consider that: 

  • The person would experience substantial difficulty in understanding the processes or in communicating their views, wishes or feelings and; 

  •  There is no willing and able individual to help them. 


The Care Act defines four areas where substantial difficulty might be found: 

  • Understanding relevant information  

  • Retaining that information  

  • Using or weighing that information as part of engaging - 

  • Communicating their views, wishes and feelings 

People can experience substantial difficulty without having a cognitive impairment. 


Age: Gaddum Advocacy accepts referrals for individuals that are 18 years old and over, with the exception of individuals 15+ that are transitioning from Children’s Services to Adult Services.  

Location: Individuals must be a permanent or temporary resident of Manchester at the time of the referral. 

Referrals: In line with the Care Act 2014, referrals will only be accepted from the Local Authority or NHS 

Please see our guidance notes.



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Details of person being referred
Address and postcode at time of referral (if different from home address)
Accessibility Information
Client Demographic Information
Risk assessment
Qualifying criteria

Care Act Advocacy is for people who would experience substantial difficulty in being involved in the above processes without an Advocate. For further guidance, please see our guidance notes.


Individuals that consent to support from friends or family regarding these processes are not eligible for Care Act Advocacy Support barring some limited exceptions. please see our guidance notes.


By completing this form you agree to Gaddum keeping this information stored on a secure electronic case recording system, computer, and paper filing system. You confirm you are providing this information and asking for this referral in the client’s best interests. You are confirming wherein the client has capacity to do so, you have sought consent for this referral.
Lead Professional
Under the Care Act we must seek instruction from the lead professional before accepting this referral. This could be: the allocated social worker or the social worker conducting the Care Act process. If the lead professional is not the same as the referrer, please provide their details below: